Making Your Message Memorable, Stories Stick

Corporate Storytelling

What is it?

Corporate storytelling is the process of using business narrative to make your message memorable.  Humans are wired to communicate using stories and have for centuries.  Important knowledge was passed from one generation to the next using song and stories because the details are easier to remember wrapped in narrative.  Lists of facts and figures are much more difficult to remember with no contextual information.

How is it used?

Stories are used extensively in marketing.  Think of some of the best commercials you have seen and generally they tell a short story about the product or what you life could be like if you used the advertised product.  Besides commercials stories are used in brochures, white papers, case studies, web sites, company history, presentations, change management, training, and the list goes on.

Not all stories are written, the oral tradition is still popular for peer training, change management and customer service pride stories among other uses.

Why use Carol?

Although we all use stories every day we don’t all use them well.  Some people tend to ramble, others may not engage.  By using Carol’s services you will learn to tell/write better stories with a clearly defined purpose to increase its effectiveness.  Stories are a powerful communication tool but you must be able to relay the right story at the right time to experience the full impact.  Carol can help you with that.

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