Making Your Message Memorable, Stories Stick

Carol’s Story

Once, a long time ago there was an accountant named Carol Mon who spent several happy years working as an employee benefits specialist and payroll manager.  When her company merged with another, it was time for her to leave the comfort of Connecticut Mutual, and find her passion in the world.

Her journey took her to WMRD, a small AM radio station in Middletown, CT.  Wanting more, she moved on to ESPN, a sports network in Bristol CT.  Still something was missing.  So Carol packed her desk and continued her journey to become…a storyteller.  Finally, she had found the passion she was searching for and felt at home in more ways then one.

Drawing on years of informally telling tales of travel, payroll problems, and media mishaps Carol honed her storytelling skills.  She now journeys to such venues as Pfizer Corporation, the United States Coast Guard Academy and the National Association of Insurance Women to help people unlock the secrets of creating and telling compelling stories to strengthen communication skills.  And she just loves making a difference in this unique way.

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